With our extensive experience in retail design and background in construction, we believe we can bring new, exciting and cutting edge ideas to shopping centres on a consultant basis.

With ongoing relationships with local Perth and National retailers we can increase any tenants knowledge of leading design trends throughout Australia and globally.

Through our current client base and performing the Retail Design Management (tenancy reviews) role for various landlords in Perth, we have developed strong professional relationships with other well known and well regarded Retail Designers.

One of the challenges of the Retail Design Management and Tenancy Delivery process is to maintain productive relationships with the key stakeholders at all times. Finding quick and innovative solutions and always a way forward in every challenge is integral to the role. The ability to control this process is a key strength of the work.shop.dine RDM Team and is recognized by Shopping Centre operators, interior designers and Shopfitters in Western Australia and nationally.

We will facilitate the process and become the interface between the lessor, the lessee and their retail designer and shop fitter whilst maintaining professional and rewarding relations with all, at the completion of each tenancy fit out.

work.shop.dine aims towards ecologically sustainable design and encourages all other key stakeholders including landlords, retailers, designers and shop fitters. The work.shop.dine RDM team proactively works with all key stakeholders to open tenancies as approved.

Shopfitters and interior designers know what our benchmark is and will strive to deliver accordingly, taking a lot of uncertainty out of the process.